Rocky Coastline

Rocky Coastline (4434)
Rocky Coastline. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Before I move on to more recent work, which is still in progress, I thought I’d share another photo from the series I took in Lapsi last month. This is precisely the kind of thing I had in mind as I set out that day. In fact this was one of the first photos I made there. There is something soothing about the waves lapping the rocky coastline. It reminds me of my childhood, and the times our parents would take my brother and me to the sea for a swim (on the other side of the island, as it happens). Food always tasted better there, and we quickly learned to navigate our way into and out of the sea from the rocks. My parents never fancied the sandy beaches, so the rock-sea interface it something we were simply used to. Now I don’t swim as often, but I’ve become very familiar with the sights and sounds of the sea around this bit of coast.

Meanwhile, today I picked up the glassware, and with some luck I’ll get to develop that roll of film soon. Who knows, there might even be something worth sharing there.


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