Something rather different than usual today. Lately I have been experimenting with the Mobius camera to shoot video during climbing sessions. As with all experiments, some takes have given better results than others. The main difficulty, I quickly found out, was to find a suitable vantage point to place the camera. Something that is entirely dictated by the way the route goes and its general surroundings. The ideal position would be to the side of the route, about mid-way up, and somewhat further out of the rock face. Generally this is in mid-air. Rather impractical, you see. So instead I’m limiting myself to the few routes where there is a decent natural vantage point, and where the route is easy enough.

Anyway, I hope you like this. For my non-climbing friends, family, and readers, here’s hoping this gives you a general idea of what it all involves. Climbers will probably just want to skip ahead; it’s an easy route with no fancy work on my side. Except, perhaps, this may show what the country can be like in the winter, after some morning rain.



  1. One of the things I like about WordPress or the app at least is how I can pick up on posts from people I follow and take a deep dive into their full site. All from within the WordPress IOS app.

    I’ve found some interesting stuff here and have never considered climbing before, though my stepson does it often enough here in the uk.

    • Wow, quite the deep dive it seems! It feels so long since I last had the time to do this myself… In fact it’s possible to do this even with the standard web reader. It can be a bit of a problem on some sites because you lose out on the formatting experience of the site itself, but personally I like the idea that I can consume the content without having to bother with all the different interfaces. It’s one of the few places where the original dream of HTML that you can write once and format anywhere actually holds.

      Re: climbing, I got into it quite unexpectedly when we were living in England. It’s really fun, and great exercise too. I’ll need to write something about that!

      • That is an interesting point, that the WordPress Calypso app delivers your daily dosage of blog articles in a uniform way and hides the original formatting. If you look at it from a slightly negative angle, you are missing out on the individual website designs, that the creators spent many hours perfecting! Still, I do like it though but I do see your point.

      • Yes, precisely. I find it convenient but also try to visit the original pages as well, at least every so often…

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