Bradley Climbing Straight Up

Bradley Climbing Straight Up (108)
Bradley Climbing Straight Up. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Recently I’ve been working more on combining my photography and climbing pursuits. This doesn’t usually mean taking pictures of people climbing. That’s a rather tricky thing, as finding the right point of view is usually awkward. Then add the further complication that timing really matters, which is not something I’m used to with my usual subjects. Still, if I’m taking portraits, I think this is the kind I like to take. In this case you can see Bradley leading a route called ‘Straight Up’.

On this particular occasion there were three of us climbing, so whenever the other two were occupied with a route, I could focus on finding the right point of view. As luck would have it I didn’t have the DSLR with me, but I did carry my tiny Mobius. It was a little unusual taking photos without having a preview (either optical or digital), but it worked rather well. I find the ‘normal’ lens A has a field of view similar to a 24mm lens on a full frame, and I know that field of view pretty well. So I aimed in the general direction I wanted and took several frames, to account for timing issues.

In post I had a bit of work correcting for geometric distortions. Unlike my usual camera-lens combinations, where my RAW processing software has the necessary models to correct distortions, this was an unknown camera for my software. So I did things the hard way – I used Hugin’s calibration tool to create a camera model by taking a few test shots of a scene with straight lines, then corrected the distortion in Hugin itself. An added benefit of this method is that I could correct for perspective as well in a single step. Beyond that it was the usual post-processing work.


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