Ben Pulling Hard at the Crux

Ben Pulling Hard at the Crux (4481)
Ben Pulling Hard at the Crux. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

As I wait a bit for the traffic outside to calm down a little, I thought I’d share today’s photo with you. Last week I met my usual climbing partners down at crucifix cave. I had only been to that cave once before, almost two years ago when we were still living in the UK. Due to lack of time I didn’t do any climbing that day, but did take some pictures, one of which I shared before – as it turns out it was for the same route as today’s photo.

Well, since then I’ve been to this area several times, but not to this cave as the routes there are a bit harder than what I usually do. After leading the only easy route in the area I started thinking about what to do next. Ben wanted to try ‘Life of William’, which made sense as it was the next one up in grade and frankly it just looked good. So we set up there, and while he was working his way up I took out my camera to try to see what compositions could work here. Eventually I settled on this view, and waited until he reached the steepest bit. As it turns out he didn’t send the route that day, but I’m sure he will soon. He did have fun trying.

Later I decided to try the route myself, so after reading what I could from ground level I roped in. The confidence boost I got from the other climbers’ encouragement, and knowing there was someone to clean the route should I fail to complete it, helped immensely. I could focus on the moves, and almost without realising I ticked my first 6b lead, flash.


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  1. […] I already shared a very visually similar photo, taken just seconds before this one. In that photo, Ben was pulling hard at the crux of this particular route. I preferred to share that as it basically makes him look cooler. However, […]

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