Early Blossoms

Early Blossoms (4467)
Early Blossoms. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It will soon be officially spring. Having said that, in this corner of the world it seems like winter was never here. Unlike last year, with its incessant rain, this winter season was mostly sunny and bright. Most of the natural world was rather shocked by this. I mean, I took this photo a month ago. These are bitter almond trees in Wied il-Għasel, and by the time I took this photo the valley floor was filled with the brightness of the blossoms. This particular tree blossoms before the leaves come out, so the flowers make quite the contrast with the otherwise bare branches. I have a photo from a couple weeks before (end of January) when the flowering had already started.

I took this photo on our way out after a climbing session. We took a different way out and came upon this particular tree from above. The path we took followed right next to the tree, passing through a rather slippery section. I had a rather close encounter with the dirt there, even though my climbing partner told me to pay attention. Thankfully only my ego was bruised.


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  1. […] week. This is a somewhat wider view of an almond tree near the valley floor, the same one in the photo I shared much earlier this year. If you visit the place now, things look very different, especially after the summer weather of the […]

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