Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni

Kunċizzjoni (4518)
Kunċizzjoni. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Last week really flew by quickly. It’s not that I was busy, rather the opposite. I took the unusual (for me) choice of using the holiday period to wind down and do precious little. Just a single photo outing and one visit to the crags in a whole week of free time. Who would have thought? Well, sometimes a little down time can be good.

Regular readers will have realised that after more than a year back in Malta there’s now more or less a regular rhythm to things. Climbing has been a very active pursuit, and I’m often taking my camera with me to capture those interesting moments and viewpoints that one only sees after visiting the same place often. I think I have also adjusted my photographic methodology enough for the local climate and our way of life here. So it’s time to start on new projects. Climbing and its environment is already featuring often. Another project I am working on is a series on local chapels. This will take me a while, but I don’t mind sharing interesting photos as the work progresses.

Well, a couple weeks ago R and I went out for a walk in Lija, me with camera gear in tow. We did a tour of sorts of some of the chapels, in some places taking photos. By the time I set up here, it had started raining a bit. Nothing serious, but enough to get drops on the filters, which is a nuisance. This particular chapel is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady. It’s one of those places that I often went by, always saying: “one day I must come back and take a photo of this place”. Well, on this occasion I did. I know I’ll be back at different times of year (and day) as the vegetation looks so different with the seasons.


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