Farmland and Villages in Kingley Vale

Farmland and Villages in Kingley Vale (2342)
Farmland and Villages in Kingley Vale. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The last few days have been a little hectic, so I missed writing my usual start-of-the-week blog post. Yesterday I missed the climbing club meet and even today I’m just taking a brief break to write this after a long day. Since it’s Thursday I thought it would be good to do a throwback anyway, even though this is the first post of the week.

Well, today’s photo takes me back to one of the last walks I did in England. Andy & I had gone down to Kingley Vale for a walk among the trees, burial mounds, and rolling hills. At the time I was looking at options for upgrading my telephoto lens, and knowing this Andy had brought his long telephoto lens with him, and was kind enough to let me play with it. As long as I would carry it of course, because this particular lens, a 100-400mm tank, isn’t exactly light. We had an enjoyable time, and came back with a few good photos. I have already shared some from the yew groves (with photos of the groves and details), the burial mounds, and the parish church in Stoughton (with photos of wheat and flowers).

This particular photo, however, has been sitting on my desktop for a while. I kept revisiting it on my processing days but was never happy with the result. Sometimes it takes a little distance to be able to see things more clearly. Perhaps I’m just missing the gentle hills of southeast England.


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