Sorting Negatives

Sorting Negatives (20160103)
Sorting Negatives. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

For today’s throwback I’m sharing the last in the series of film photos from that expired roll I cross-processed. Well, at least it’s the last photo I had left from the set that I processed already. There might be others, to be discovered when I’m looking back at my archives.

Appropriately, I think, this is a film photo of film photos, or negatives rather. Since this was an experimental roll, I had my camera near me for the odd opportunity I wouldn’t normally take. While R was preparing pancakes (I remember because I took a few photos of that too) I was busy sorting through my boxes of negatives. It was a process that would take a while, but that’s done now, and all my negs are in a closed file, with one sheet per film. I also wrote down a brief description of the film contents on the sheet, to make things easier when I’m looking for old stuff. Eventually I’ll get to scan a few of my favourites.

Well, I took this photo simply because I liked the way the light played on the stuff in the kitchen table. I really like the light in our kitchen, and so does R. You can probably tell from the photos on her blog.

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