San Pawl tal-Qliegħa

San Pawl tal-Qliegħa (4590)
San Pawl tal-Qliegħa. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today’s photo is another from the series of Maltese chapels I’m working on. This is actually the second chapel I visited on Good Friday earlier this year, after the one in Wied Speranza. I must have passed by this chapel so many times, as it’s on the way from Mosta to a cross-roads leading to Mġarr, Rabat / Dingli, or Tarġa Gap. On that Good Friday I finally took a close look. I found that the chapel is still in use, with weekly mass on Saturday evenings.

I parked near a farm, making sure I wasn’t blocking any access, and walked a bit to scope out the place. In the end I set up near where I parked, on the side of the bridge to keep the chapel in full view. Again I went for a long exposure here, to soften the shadows a bit and get some movement in the sky.

I’m finding the process of taking photos of these small chapels to be a fascinating way to explore my country. There are so very many of them, and often still in regular (if at times infrequent) use. In some cases getting a decent photo is challenging because of everything around them. I guess in such places I’ll need to be a bit more creative.

8 thoughts on “San Pawl tal-Qliegħa

  1. Nothing better than running personal photography projects. I look forward to seeing more of these. How many chapels are there in total?

      1. That is a handy list, bookmarked it for future reference, as we often visit Malta these days. Next time will be May 22nd for the week.

        Slowing the exposure down a bit really works nicely, as the shadows can be pretty strong there with the sun being so strong. Did you need to use any ND filters at all?

      2. Thanks, and glad you’re enjoying Malta enough to visit often. I’m sure your brother appreciates that!

        I think I have used an ND filter; I usually do. The sky tends to be so bright here. I also usually use a polarizer, which cuts a lot of glare from foliage and such and helps define the clouds a lot better. Because of this I’ve set up my filter holder to take two square filters + the polarizer in front. That way I can have the polarizer, a grad, and the Big Stopper, and minimize intrusion of the polarizer edge into the frame (which happens only at 21mm or wider).

      3. Sounds like a sensible setup and I’ve been a fan of Lee filters for some time. The circular Hoya filters are great too and more transportable for trips where luggage is limited.

      4. Thanks! I find the setup very usable, and since everything fits into a single pouch it’s not hard to transport. I always keep my photo gear in hand luggage, which doesn’t seem to have much else 🙂

        I talk more about the setup in one of my older posts (, if you’re interested. The circular filters are definitely convenient, I still have some for my older 58mm lenses. Square setups really become necessary for grads through, not much one can do about that I suppose…

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