Kappella ta’ San Pawl Eremita

Kappella ta' San Pawl Eremita (4468)
Kappella ta’ San Pawl Eremita. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Continuing with the recent series of chapel photos, today I’m sharing one I took earlier this year in Wied il-Għasel. It was around mid-February and the wild almond trees were already in bloom. As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve seen a lot of this valley in recent months as it’s a very convenient location with lots of crags with routes in my grades. I took this particular photo on the way back to the car after a climbing session.

It can be very tricky to produce new photos of places one has been before. The first time it’s easy to go for the ‘cheap seats’ as it were and take the obvious or well known compositions. On every subsequent visit, to avoid repetition, one has to become more creative. However, I also find that as I get to know a place better, it’s possible to discover less obvious points of view that are not less precious. In fact, in the long run I tend to prefer these photos from my initial ones of a place. They may have less immediate impact but I find myself lingering longer. I like to think that these later photos show something more personal.


    • I believe it’s still in service, so yes one can go in when it’s open. I think there’s one or two celebrations a year. I’ve never been inside myself though.

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