Walkers on Clay Slopes

Walkers on Clay Slopes (3902)
Walkers on Clay Slopes. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week’s throwback post takes me back to a walk near Selmun in early autumn last year. Part of the coastline between Mistra and Imġiebaħ sees a lot of exposed clay. When it’s dry it’s easy enough to walk (or dry-skid) down these slopes. When it’s soggy I suppose they must be very slippery. In any case, personally I try to stick to the more ‘established’ paths, usually at the edges. Most walkers do the same. Keeping to stony paths helps reduce erosion; it’s also safer.

In any case, I remember this day was very bright, but with intermittent cloud cover. I thought the textures in the sky and the slopes themselves were very particular, so I decided to focus on them, keeping some people in the frame for scale.



    • Hmm, I suppose it would; I’ve only seen the desert regions of SoCal in photos (your series of wild flowers and plants comes to mind!) so I can’t say. I suppose I can add that to my list of places I’d like to go… I expect the scale to be very different of course :-).

      Undeveloped land here tends to be rocky with at most low and sparse shrubs and tough vegetation. Some parts, like the area where I took this, are just arid.

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