Mtaħleb (3967)
Mtaħleb. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

With today’s post in this throwback series I’m finally down to the last photo I wanted to share from last year. This was from a morning walk in October. I’m not sure it was my first time in that area, possibly not. I do remember it was very sunny, and that the greenery was really bright reflecting the sun. As usual in these walks I didn’t have much gear with me, just my camera and general-purpose lens, and I remember making this photo in a bit of a hurry to avoid falling behind. What’s for sure is that this is one place I never mind returning to, for a walk, or just to watch the cliffs and the terraced fields.


    • It is, isn’t it?! It’s in Malta, west of Rabat. Pronounced Im-tuh-lep, where the u is short as in cut and the h is sounded as in hotel.

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