Sunday Morning on Derwent Water

Sunday Morning on Derwent Water (4657)
Sunday Morning on Derwent Water. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I really meant to write this yesterday, but between one thing and the next I just plain forgot. It happens. So after a long day, I’m taking a few moments to write this. Over the coming weeks I hope to share more photos from our recent visit to Cumbria, as I process them.

Today’s photo is from our first day in Keswick. After a flight and a long drive up the day before, we really didn’t feel like doing much. It was a lovely sunny day, so after lunch we headed down towards Derwent Water. We ended up in Crow Park, sat down on the grass and basically lazed about. We weren’t the only ones – many had the same idea and there were people picnicking, playing, etc. With the hot sun, a lovely breeze, the water just a few feet away, and the hills in the distance, what more could you want?


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