Derwent Water

Derwent Water (4821)
Derwent Water. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Another late post this week, and this time I’m writing later in the day than usual as I know for a fact I will have zero time tomorrow. I’m continuing with the series of photos from our recent trip to the lakes. I haven’t processed much yet, but the few I have I want to share soon.

Today’s photo is possibly one of my favourites from this trip. R and I walked down to the lake in the late afternoon, and kept walking until we reached Friar’s crag. It was my first time down this way, even though it wasn’t the first time we went to Keswick. R had visited Friar’s crag earlier while I was out for a walk, and really liked the place. From Friar’s crag we walked towards Strandshag bay, and we soon came upon this beach. I thought the light and the sky were just fabulous so I set up for a long exposure.

You can see Lord’s Island on the left, and the smaller Rampsholme Island and St Herbert’s Island to its right. In the distance, you can easily make out the so-called jaws of Borrowdale, with Castle Crag in the middle. After a long day there could be little better than sitting down at the beach with a good book in hand, reading to the sound of the birds.


    • Thanks Rob! I remember the serenity there, that’s what I tried to capture. I can see why you liked the place so much 🙂

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