Rocky Coastline

Rocky Coastline (4436)
Rocky Coastline. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Another late post this week, for the throwback series. This takes us back to January this year, and that poor excuse for a winter that we had. Not that I complained at the time – I was too busy climbing to worry about that kind of thing. Now, though, the sparse rainfall in the winter months is making itself felt. The countryside has been dry and shrivelled for weeks, and I’m sure the farmers won’t have a good crop this year. Well, there is always a price to pay.

The photo I’m sharing today is from a very productive photography session in Lapsi. It’s a detail of a scene I already shared before, with the same name (Rocky Coastline). Not very imaginative, I know, but unless you’ve just stumbled on my blog you must have realised that I mostly title my photos with a rather straightforward descriptor. I say it’s a detail of the same scene, but it’s not a crop of the same photo – this was intentionally composed in a different way. I tend to do that when I’m out taking photos, working through whatever options present themselves. I prefer to make the editorial decisions later, and sometimes I have the pleasant problem of not knowing which to choose. Rarely, as in this case, I actually end up choosing more than one option.



  1. Looks lovely and looks like a little bit of ND filtering in play there? I’m not sure I’ve seen the other version but love the abstract nature of this photo.

    • Thanks Nick! Possibly, I can’t really remember. Though I could have done the equivalent in post. Definitely used a polariser though.

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