Megalith (4711)
Megalith. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Since yesterday I didn’t get to write anything, I’m posting this week’s recent photo today. I’m continuing with the series from the Lake District. One of the evenings there, as sunset approached, I drove up to Castlerigg stone circle for some photography. I know it’s a rather cliché spot, but what can you do? If it looks good, it looks good. And having been there before only in the late morning or early afternoon, I really wanted to see this for myself. We were staying in Keswick, so the whole thing involved little effort and I could easily drive up after dinner. I foolishly let the GPS navigator guide me, which meant I had to drive through narrower roads than necessary. Didn’t repeat that mistake!

Once I got there the sun was already rather low, and I knew I wouldn’t have too much time to get what I wanted. So I walked straight to the far side of the field and started setting up my tripod and camera. There were more than a few tourists there already, and on seeing me set up at the far end decided that would actually be a good spot. She came over and started shooting away, all while saying to herself how much nicer this looked. Hopefully someone has nicer snapshots because of my visit 🙂

For myself, I started with a wide angle view (that I will hopefully process and share soonish) showing the whole stone circle with Blencathra and its lesser neighbouring fells in the background. Once I was happy with that, I changed lenses and started looking for details. This is the first I processed, with the setting sun raking the edge of one of the monoliths and bringing out its texture and form. The low sun also accentuated the grass in the foreground, which was nice addition.



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