Magħlaq Cave

Magħlaq Cave (4450)
Magħlaq Cave. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week’s throwback photo comes a little later than usual, and by this time the weekend has started for most people. It’s also a rather different photo than what I usually post. The idea for this came early in the new year on a climbing outing in this same cave. With the cave where it is, some 50-60m up a cliff, it’s rather difficult to get a decent vantage point for a topographic photo, on which one can mark climbing routes. I was chatting about this with Stephen, and we agreed that without using a drone there were two options: a shot from further away with a telephoto lens, or one from the cave entrance itself with an ultra-wide angle lens. He had already tried the telephoto approach but wasn’t too happy with what he had, so was planning to try the other approach. I thought I’d give it a shot myself with a telephoto, and this is the result. Now, we’ll just have to see whether this shows enough of the cave to allow us to draw the routes. From my side, I’m happy that at least the details of the cave features show up rather well.



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