Roberta (4650)
Roberta. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I’m sharing something of a rarity for me. I don’t often take portraits, and I must add that getting photos of R is even less frequent. The few I have that I’m happy are those where I managed to avoid spooking her calm by the simply act of pulling the camera up. In this case, it turned out not to be difficult at all. We were enjoying a lazy time at Crow Park in Keswick, and the afternoon sun was enough to make anyone sleepy. It’s not often one gets to pack away the fleece and put the sunglasses on, so one enjoys every moment.

It also helped that I had my telephoto lens on, so I was at some distance when I took this photo. I lowered myself down as much as possible, to make sure her head and shoulders were above the horizon. This also brought the lens close to the grass in the foreground, helping blur it out.



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