Strata (4966)
Strata. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Really really quick post today, with a photo I just edited. When the newest photo to share was processed more than three months ago, it’s a sign I really needed to start taking care of the backlog. So I picked the easiest one from the pile of 69 to-process photos, and worked it out. Hopefully this will help me get unstuck from this spend-some-time-processing-then-throw-everthing-away mode.

Today’s photo was taken earlier this month, when I went for a long overdue walk-with-camera at Il-Majjistral park. I wanted to get to a particular point for the sunset (which I did) as there is a specific wide-angle vista I wanted to capture. On the way there, I was taking my time examining the place, looking for those details that one can easily overlook when walking with a purpose. This was one of them, very close to the place I stopped for the vista. The rest will have to wait for another day.



  1. Geology fascinates me and one of my favourite books from my childhood still sits on our bookshelf. It is entitled Rocks and Minerals. I can’t recall the publisher name but I used to collect rocks etc once upon a time

    • I did too! And could spend hours in the minerals sections of science museums… Now I tend to get lots of face time with rock while climbing 🙂

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