Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni

Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni (4947)
Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It’s been a busy few days, so this week’s share of a recent photo is (again) coming out a bit late. I was also a bit stuck which photo to share this week. Thankfully last weekend I made some decent progress with photo editing, so there was actually a reasonable selection. I had been trying to edit these photos for a very long time, and it’s very frustrating to start editing, spend some time with a photo, and after an hour or so just decide that I’m not happy with the result and throw everything away. It’s seems I’m now unstuck from that mode, which is very good.

Anyway, today’s photo is a re-visit to a chapel in Lija that had been planned for a while. With the way it’s oriented, the chapel sees the morning sun, but only in summer (in winter the sun is hidden by the adjacent buildings until it’s rather high up). So with the Photographer’s Ephemeris I had planned which dates and times would be suitable, and patiently waited. On some specific dates the sunrise would also coincide with a full moon rise, so I wanted to go on that day if possible. I had to wake up early, but once that was done, all I needed to do was pick up the camera gear and head out. I tried first for a composition with the full moon showing, and took some photos, but in the end wasn’t too happy with this. Because of the where the chapel is, I had to use a wide angle lens, which means the moon looks rather tiny, and the balance didn’t feel right. After that, I tried different compositions until I settled on this. I really didn’t want to repeat myself, so I purposely avoided what I had done before (take a look at my earlier photo if you haven’t seen it already). With the contrast in the scene, I bracketed my exposures, so I could do some exposure blending. However, I settled to edit just the over-exposed frame, as anything else started looking unnatural.



  1. In a world where we all tend to be snap happy with our iPhones etc I like to still (albeit less often) go out with the camera gear and take time over a photo. I used to do that all of the time but nowadays just don’t. Kind of sad…. Anyway great photo and what a pretty place!

    • Thank Nick! Indeed, photography has become so much more immediate; I still can’t get used to that. I like to take my time, I find the whole process very meditative. But I also find I’m not doing it as often as I used to (or as I’d like).

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