Late Light on the Fells

Late Light on the Fells (4719)
Late Light on the Fells. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I had a hard time choosing a recent photo to share today. It’s just that I haven’t really done much photography recently, except for an outing last Saturday while the winds were still strong. I tried processing some of those shots, but I’m not happy with the results, so they will have to wait. The last outing before that was in early June, so not quite recent any more.

So instead I decided to go back to our visit to the Lake District in May. There’s still a few photos from that trip that I want to share, now that I managed to overcome my editing block. The one I’m sharing today is a bit of a favourite. I took advantage of staying in Keswick to go take some sunset photos at Castlerigg. I already shared one of the photos from that set. Something I particularly like about that place is how it’s surrounded by the fells, so I spent some time just looking around and enjoying the late light.

This particular photo shows the Helvellyn range in the distance, with Helvellyn itself being the farthest peak. Next, to the right, is its Lower Man, followed by Browncove Crags. In the deep shadow on the right is the round top of Great How, and in the foreground is the southern end of High Rigg’s crags, with a couple of farm buildings brightly lit. I did not notice at the time (it was very warm for the time of year), but on editing I realised there was still a few patches of snow on the higher peaks.


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