Radar Station

Radar Station (4471)
Radar Station. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today, Facebook was kind enough to remind me that exactly a year ago I shared a photo from a sunset walk in Dingli. So I thought it would be fitting to share this photo, taken in winter this year, of the radar station itself. Well, what must pass for winter this year, anyway. While you can see a walker wearing a jacket, this was largely unnecessary in what must be one of the mildest winters on record. Even as I took this, the sun was bright and sunglasses were probably of more use than a rain jacket. In fact, controlling (or trying to control) the contrast between the lit aspect and the shadow was probably the hardest thing to do.

As far a throwback goes, though, what I miss right now as I look at this is the clouds. I’m sure many of my compatriots claim otherwise, but I quickly get tired of the clear blue skies we seem to get throughout summer. What can I say? I like clouds. (Though not the dull grey of a sunless winter.)


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