Path to High Rigg

Path to High Rigg (4771)
Path to High Rigg. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I decided to continue with the series from the Lake District, this time from an afternoon walk along the ridge on High Rigg. I already shared a panorama stitched from a few smartphone snaps, taken a little earlier in the walk. By the time I was walking down Wren Crag, however, I had already taken my DSLR out, so this photo was done more properly. You can see the craggy side of Long Band, and the path leading to the easiest way up. St John’s Vale is to the right, with Blencathra in the distance, barely visible through the afternoon mist (or was it low cloud?).

The walk was enjoyable, but a rather odd one. It was very atmospheric, at once peaceful (I don’t think I saw another person throughout) and eventful (I did manage to give my boots a thorough soaking in the mud, past ankle deep). It was also my second walk of the day, after an easy amble on Low Rigg in the morning. I wasn’t in any rush, but I do remember picking up the pace when I was past the midway point. It would be nice to revisit this place again on a sunny day. I don’t doubt the character of the walk would be completely different.



  1. Nothing better than some peace and quiet, it is something of a treat. I really must visit some more of our local places with the camera. In fact any camera will do pretty much, maybe even do some aerial work again at some point for some new vantage points….. I say these things and life gets in the way at the moment…. but I fancy doing something along those lines!!

    • Solitude has become a rather rare thing, and is still something I appreciate every so often. Best of luck with making more photography visits, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

      • I have for awhile been toying with the idea of building a new site that is part business concept and basically all about putting drones to use in useful ways. The very least being aerial images of places around the UK. I am looking into getting licensed so that I can provide commercial services legally but with a strong emphasis on their being a website. Just haven’t worked out how to tie the lot together into something tangible.

      • Sounds like a very interesting project, best of luck with that venture! I know we’ve had (still have) need for good aerial photography for producing crag topos. With sea cliffs and caves on steep hillsides it’s basically impossible to get a good vantage point.

      • Now there’s a thought, using drones to take a look from the top of an uncharted climb. A way of taking a quick look before setting up climbing equipment would indeed be a great use for the technology. If I was doing that here in the UK, I would need to keep under or at an altitude of 400 feet. I think that is about half the height of the Shard in London by means of comparison.

      • That is a thought, using a drone to scout a route. How is the altitude measured, is it from sea level or whatever the ground is at that point?

      • Life has a way of doing that eh?! I know I’ve only managed to keep to a 1/2 posts a week only because I found reliable timeslots where I can write new posts, and if I miss that it’s lost. And of course only because I have enough already-processed photos to share to take me a few weeks…

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