Building on the Cliffs

Building on the Cliffs (4474)
Building on the Cliffs. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I thought it would be appropriate to continue with the series from that walk at Dingli cliffs. This building is close to the chapel dedicated to St Mary Magdalene. It seems to be a farm building, the kind where one would store implements close to the fields. But there aren’t really any fields nearby, well nothing sizeable anyway except down the cliff, and there would be no point having a cliff edge between such a building and the adjacent fields. So I’m really not sure what the purpose of this building is. However, it seems to be taken care of, judging by the doors. It’s also odd that there are two levels to this building, with two separate rooms. I tried to look for information online, but if there is any, I couldn’t find it. If any of my readers can shed some light on this, leave a comment.



    • Thanks Nick! Yeah I always share my posts on Facebook, since the last few weeks on the new Muddy Boots page.

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