Mdina and Wied il-Ħemsija

Mdina and Wied il-Ħemsija (5021)
Mdina and Wied il-Ħemsija. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

While many people really look forward to summer weather, I’m inclined not to, and can sometimes be found muttering about when it will end. For me it’s hard to find an upside, other than the fact that the day is longer. Otherwise it’s generally too hot (it’s been hovering around 30˚C for many weeks now), the skies are flat blue and the light too harsh for most of the day. One would think it’s the perfect seasons for spending time by the sea, but I find it’s just too crowded.

This means, of course, that I don’t do much photography in summer. In a sense it’s a pity, because I live in a place where we have basically guaranteed spectacular sunsets and sunrises every day. Even in the absence of any clouds the sky still takes on a range of shades of colour. So in an effort to use this season a bit more, I recently went for a short evening walk starting from Mtarfa and down Wied il-Ħemsija. Across this valley sits the hill with Mdina’s bastions rising proud and seemingly indomitable. I can safely say this is one road I really enjoy driving through, usually on my way to some less-populated part of the western shore.

On this occasion I took my photography gear with me, and set up for a wide view of the old capital city in the context of its surrounding valleys. On the far left you can see the diffusing smoke from fireworks at some village feast just beyond view. Unsurprisingly, I shared the walkway with many others on this warm evening. Most were clearly locals on their regular walk, or jog, or run.


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