Scrubland (4961)
Scrubland. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A quick post today, to share another photo from the series at Il-Majjistral park in late spring this year. On my way to the Rdum id-Delli viewpoint I had the telephoto lens on and I was exploring possibilities with that constrained field of view. It turns out this is a fantastic location for that kind of photography, and therefore one I will return to again. In fact I unexpectedly did just that last week, when I met a good friend to go try out a long telephoto he recently bought. (More about that in another post, once I start processing those photos.)

Anyway, today’s photo shows the kind of terrain that dominates this park. R thinks it’s too rough and uncomfortable to walk along, and didn’t really enjoy things when we went for a walk there. She’s right, of course, but to me that’s a big part of the charm. Paths are often not well-defined (some are, though) and one has to pay attention where one’s putting one’s feet. Which means you actually have to stop to admire the view every so often, or all you’ll see is the ground underfoot. In this particular outing, the wild thyme (Sagħtar) was in bloom. This, to me, is as typical of the Maltese countryside as you’re likely to see.


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