View from Crucifix Cave

View from Crucifix Cave (4483)
View from Crucifix Cave. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

One of the advantages of living in a small country is that things are generally within easy distance. I say this with one caveat: I’ve come to measure distance here in terms of how much traffic I expect to meet. Especially lately with all the roadwork and other ‘development’ projects that have sprung up. So it’s with particular pleasure that I note how close I live to some excellent crags for climbing. I mean literally other-side-of-the-hill type stuff.

The photo today is from one such place, on the Victoria lines near Wied Anġlu. I made this much earlier this year on what was a typical winter day. In summer this place is too hot to climb in, so I can’t really wait for the cooler weather.


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