White Flowers

White Flowers. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m calling this White Flowers but technically I’m not sure they are. The long white “petal” isn’t really – it’s a leaf that whitens as the functional bits mature. It’s a small plant, long dead now, that used to liven up our dining table. I’m sure I said before how much I like the light we get in our kitchen/dining area. So on this late winter morning I decided to immortalise this tiny thing that enriched our lives. I wish I knew more about it, so in the off chance that one of my readers is into plants and recognizes this, do let me know!

As I look at this now I keep thinking how long it has been since I used this lens. Since doing much photography in fact. Summer doesn’t really encourage that pursuit, for me at least. I much prefer the cooler months, though I realise that for most people it’s quite the opposite. I still have a number of images that I need to work on, too, so those will have to keep me company until I start taking more photos again.



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