Kappella taż-Żellieqa

Kappella taż-Żellieqa. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Over the last few days we had the first rains of the autumn. Schools have also started. This has meant general chaos in the roads (more than the usual madness that is), and less than ideal weather for climbing. Basically, plans for Sunday were shot, so I took the much-needed opportunity to catch up with some editing. Among other earlier photos (I’m still working on some shots from our trip to the Lake District in May!) I processed the one I’m sharing today. Last week, at the tail end of summer, R and I decided to go out somewhere close for some photography and fresh air. I had already scoped out this little chapel in Għargħur,  and I knew it would be a good end-of-day shot. Plus, it’s really close by, and there’s some good walking nearby.

The tricky bit was finding a good point of view, trying to exclude as many of the garish nearby apartments as possible. There is another point of view I’d like to try, but that will be another day. We were there just in time for the last light, and by the time I recomposed it was already too late. So we left it at that, closed the tripod, and went for a walk. It’s a lovely area, I think, though I would normally park the car as far down the road as one can go, and just walk from there. This also avoids the unfortunate dog-poop that litters the road. I understand why dog-walkers like to take to this road, but I don’t get this lack of neighbourly concern. Malta can be such a disgustingly dirty country. All it would take to avoid this is some common decency. It’s so ironic that these are people who clearly already have an appreciation for the countryside. I guess this appreciation only goes so far.


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