Knives and Toaster

Knives and Toaster. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This Thursday I’m sharing another photo from the series of film photos taken with my 50mm f/1.4 lens on colour negative film and cross-processed in Rodinal. When I’m in an experimental mood I generally find it best to work with subjects and places I know really well. Clearly, home is in easy target in that sense. But it’s also one of the hardest because everything tends to feel too well-known. Now one part of our home that I particularly like is the kitchen, especially that corner we spend most time at, between the sink and the range. The light there never seems to be bad, with a special quality for each time of day.

The space also contains our most-used small appliances and tools; in this photo you can only see the knife block with its standard set of knives and the toaster. I keep wanting to find another arrangement for our knives. I’ll probably build a drawer insert with individual slots for each knife. This would clear up some counter space and also get everything together. You see, the knives in the block are supplemented by a few other more specialist cutlery, including Roberta’s santoku, which she finds easier to handle than the French chef knife.

In any case, I found this photo rather tricky to shoot. The angle required was very particular due to the light and the reflective surfaces, constraining things a lot. I have a hunch I would only get what I wanted exactly if my camera had movements. Perhaps a tilt/shift lens might help, but I suspect even that is too constrained.


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