Castlerigg from Latrigg

Castlerigg from Latrigg. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I’m sharing another photo of Castlerigg, from our visit to the lakes earlier this year. This time, however, it’s a view from above, and at a distance. As we were staying in Keswick, my first walk was a local one, up Latrigg. The original plan was to first walk along the disused railway line towards Threlkeld, and then attack Latrigg from the east slope. However, with the flooding that Cumbria suffered earlier, a couple bridges were destroyed, so I had to double back. By that time it was getting close to noon, so I met up with Roberta in town for lunch, and left Latrigg for the afternoon. To avoid the bridges I decided to walk up through the forested southern slopes, which were decidedly steeper. Some paths were also not very well defined, so it was an interesting walk.

Once I came to the summit, however, I realised why this little fell remains so popular. It provides a fantastic vista of Keswick and Derwentwater (more of this another day). There was also a fresh breeze, which was a treat after the steep climb. So I quickly found a rocky outcrop to sit on, and spent some time exploring options with my camera. The telephoto lens came in handy, though the early afternoon sun was not ideal. Next time I’m there I’ll need to climb Latrigg later in the day.

In any case, behind Castlerigg you can see Low Rigg and High Rigg (barely distinguishable from this angle), and the bulk of the higher Helvellyn range (Great Dodd, etc) in the distance.

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