Wall of Flowers

Wall of Flowers. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

For today’s throwback post I’m going back to May this year, with a photo that has been languishing in my list of photos to share for too long now. This is from a shoot I did at the Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni, where my intention was to capture the early morning light, which falls on the chapel’s front for only a few weeks in the year. Once I was happy with my photo of the church itself I decided to stay a while and play with other opportunities. In this case, I was looking directly up the wall, with the nearby flowers (in the shade) in focus, and those further away lit by direct sunlight.

I called this ‘Wall of Flowers’, and in a sense it is. But unless I’m mistaken, the flowers aren’t what one would think at first glance. The violet ‘petals’ aren’t petals at all, but leaf-like spathes enclosing the stem. I must admit I do not know what kind of plant this is, so if anyone reading this can enlighten me I would appreciate.

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