Incoming Arrow

A bit of an unusual bonus post today. Last week I found some time to go to the archery range in Marsa for some training. I haven’t been regular enough with this, which is something I hope to fix. Now while I was there I thought to myself how interesting it would be to watch an arrow flying in from the point of view of the target. So I set up my tiny Mobius at the top left of the boss, set it up to record, and shot another end of arrows. What you see is a short clip showing the aim, release, and arrow flight, for the target distance of 50m.

In case you were wondering, I wasn’t too worried about hitting the camera. This was just off the boss, or about 64cm from target centre. I know I usually get all my arrows well within target at this distance, so barring some accident, it was unlikely there would be any problems.



  1. This would have been even more awesome in slow motion!
    I once also saw a video taken with cameras mounted on the arrows themselves…I wonder what sort of camera/mount you’d need to use for that kind of setup 🙂

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