Innominate Tarn

Innominate Tarn. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m down to the last few photos to share from our visit to the Lake District earlier this year. This is from my last walk there, up Haystacks on the well-trodden ascent from Gatesgarth. I kept a solid pace on my way up, so that as I navigated the final scramble there were only two other people. After the obligatory photos at the summit, we went our separate ways, and while they explored the view over the Ennerdale valley I walked down towards Innominate tarn. I took a few photos there, though frankly the hard midday sun didn’t make things easy. Still, Wainwright said it well, that the top of Haystacks is one for leisurely exploration, and I look forward to going there again. And given that his ashes were scattered here, I thought I’d leave you with a few choice quotes from his chapter on Haystacks:

For a man trying to get a persistent worry out of his mind, the top of Haystacks is a wonderful cure.

But for beauty, variety and interesting detail, for sheer fascination and unique individuality, the summit-area of Haystacks is supreme. This is in fact the best fell-top of all — a place of great charm and fairyland attractiveness.

One can forget even a raging toothache on Haystacks.

All quotes from A. Wainwright, A Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells, book seven, “The Western Fells”, second edition revised by C. Jesty, 2009.


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