Trickle. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Regular followers of this blog may have realised that I took a bit of a break from writing. This was prompted by some last-minute work-related travel, so things were a bit hectic. This week I couldn’t really get back into the routine, so I’m only writing now, with the weekend just around the corner. I’m also down to the last few processed photos that I have to share, which perhaps is a good thing as the end of year is approaching. Things slowed down photographically since we came back to Malta, particularly in the last year as I haven’t been going to any walks. I’m very much missing the English countryside, with its seemingly endless paths to discover, lush green hills, and an abundance of trees. Ah well. It’s a good thing I’m finally working on my planned exhibition of photos from our time in England, as those bring back good memories. The frames are done, all I need is to finish them with a dark stain and varnish. The photos themselves I hope to print tomorrow. Then it’s down to mounting and glazing. It’s quite an experience doing all the steps myself.

Anyway, today’s photo is also one from England, specifically from our visit to the Lake District earlier this year. I’m sure I mentioned somewhere that my first proper walk met with an unexpected hurdle when I found that three bridges I needed to cross had fallen in the floods that beset Cumbria in the winter. I had no option but to double back, intent on finding another route up Latrigg in the afternoon. On the way back I took my time observing what I had missed on the way out. One of these was a trickle of water by the side of the path. Calling it a waterfall would be an overstatement of gigantic proportions. Yet it was not without its charm. I had a hard time making this photo, both because of the constraints in composing things, and also because the dappled light resulted in some very harsh contrasts to work with. Now that it’s done, though, I’m just happy with the result. And that must be enough.



    • Thank you! The lake district is full of these little (and big) places where one can sit and while away the time.

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