A Cheeky Throwback

They Gather at the Stone Circle. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It is perhaps fitting that I’m sharing my last photo from our visit to the Lake District as we make plans for the next one. This last one is rather cheeky. At the end of my evening pop by Castlerigg, when I knew had the photos I wanted, I was basically on my way out. Just at that time, a few (probably local) photographers set up on the west side of the circle. I couldn’t be quite sure what they were up to, and I thought it rather odd that they came in so late, when the stones themselves were already in shadow. I suppose they made good silhouettes against the red-lit fells in the distance. I thought it would be fun to take some photos of them as they were working on theirs. Processing this took a bit of effort, as there was significant contrast between the foreground in shadow and the lit fells behind. I’m rather pleased with how much latitude these (relatively) modern cameras have. Gives considerably more creative freedom.


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