Recurve Target View

Another video bonus post this week. Once again, last week I found some time to go to the archery range in Marsa for some training, and while I was there I set up the FPS1000 high-speed camera to capture incoming arrows from behind the target boss. Given the narrow field of view, and because I really didn’t want to hit a €1500+ camera with an arrow, I place the camera 20m behind the boss, and a little to the side so I could capture the full trajectory of the arrow. Except of course for the bit where the boss itself gets in the way. So this week once again you get a short clip showing the aim, release, and arrow flight, for the target distance of 50m.

The video is shot at 500 fps, and plays back at 24 fps, for an effective slow-down of over 20 times. You can compare with the real-time video I shot earlier with the Mobius.


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