Approaching Storm

Approaching Storm. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It’s a(nother) public holiday today in Malta and people seem to be gearing up hard for the holidays. We were supposed to attend a concert in Valletta this evening, but this didn’t work out as we simply couldn’t find a decent place to park. If I ever plan to attend any event in Valletta again tell me I’m nuts and remind me I said so myself. Despite the aggravation (if you haven’t driven in Maltese traffic you have no idea; well, if you have driven in some other Mediterranean country, then perhaps you have some) today wasn’t a complete loss. We had an outdoor climbing meet this morning in Wied Babu, and it’s always nice to spend time there, away from the crowds. Well, mostly, as a group of noisy campers/picnickers were down in the valley by the time I was leaving. Why people would have the sorry noise they call music blaring out of some speakers when they’re out in the countryside is beyond me.

Ah well, perhaps I’m just getting old(er) and (more) grumpy. The photo I’m sharing today is from a similar retreat to the country, on a walk in Mtaħleb with R a few weeks ago. (I won’t mention the annoying Land Rover people again. Promise.) As the sun was setting and we were walking out in the direction of Miġra l-Ferħa, R noticed the thunderclouds in the distance. She’s really into weather phenomena, so how could she miss this? I just think the light around a storm is some of the best one can hope for, so I tried a few compositions during our walk.



  1. I think certain people have always been annoying but nowadays I find them more so than ever, perhaps because they don’t appreciate the reasons that people visit rural locations…. In most cases to escape annoying people making lots of noise and whom seem to believe you are also a fan of Rihanna, Minaj or any other form of hyper-produced, auto-tuned to death kind of “music”.

    Driving in quite a lot of popular countries can be hellish and to be honest even our own, especially this time of year it is all totally nuts.

    I love the storm clouds and the light is now looking really good. I am hoping to capture some of that whilst we are in Malta really soon!

    • And as I wrote that post I was thinking it’s just me! But Malta feels noisier than most other places I’ve visited. It does seem like driving is getting more congested in every country, I suppose there’s just more cars around. Ah well. In compensation, the light here is fantastic this time of year. For my money, late Autumn and winter are the best, at least for photography. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Johann, your photograph brings to mind the moments we enjoyed the most in Malta: our countryside walks! After having been away for about two months now, we surely miss the sunshine and all the heritage sites. Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead. 🙂

    • Thanks Tricia! The countryside here is a seriously under-valued resource, and it’s such a pity to see it get gnawed at with development, treated as a big rubbish dump, or in any other way disrespected. Any plans to visit Malta again? Thanks for your wishes for the weekend – it looks like it will be a wet one, so perhaps I’ll need to forgo climbing and get my boots muddy instead… Meanwhile, best wishes to you too!

      • Here’s hoping some of that development will be halted. Just as we were getting ready to leave Malta, the drama erupted over Manoel Island. Do you know if the island has been opened for the people now? We’d always wanted to view Valletta from that perspective.

        At the moment we don’t have any plans to visit Malta, but we do feel nostalgia for our former island home. 🙂 I have many more tales to share about the places we found special, so in that way, I’ll get to visit via my writing.

        If we have good weather here in Croatia this weekend, I’ll send some sunshine your way. Perhaps since rain is a novelty there, you wouldn’t want it any other way though.

      • I hope so too. I’m not sure what the current status with Manoel Island is, I believe it was closed again, but I’ll have to check. Here’s to enjoyable reminiscing as you write about your adventures here – I look forward to reading them! Yeah, this season is proving wetter than last year, but then last year was too dry, which has its own problems. It’s generally not a constant grey and wet experience, so I’m not complaining (too much) when some rain comes our way.

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