Honey Coloured Stone

Honey Coloured Stone. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This has been a bit of a crazy week, so I’m rather late with my second post. It’s been a rather dull gray day today, though thankfully clear enough to go for a climb or two. So I thought I’d share another photo from the walk at Il-Majjistral late last summer. There is something about the warm evening light in Malta, and in particular how it reacts with the local limestone. Often enough, the stonework is the brightest part of the scene, even when some sky is included. And because of its warm colour it’s the red channel that gets saturated first, which is rather unusual in landscape work (the sky is blue, so often enough it’s the blue channel).

I took this close up of the very particular rock texture on the cliffside just a short distance from where I took the anchor marker’s photo. It fascinates me how the limestone, while looking rather uniform in structure, gets eroded in fanciful ways, with parts getting eaten away much more quickly than others. However, the fanciest feature must be the tufas, where the carbonates gather up after being deposited there through water flows or seepage. They make great formations for climbing, too.


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