Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m down to the last couple of older photos to share, so today I’m starting with the earlier of the two, from a walk in Il-Majjistral last summer. This was from the session with a friend of mine to take his Sigma 150-600mm out for a spin, so to speak. I’m sure I said before that I was very impressed with this lens, and find myself thinking often enough whether to get me one. It’s the kind of lens where I know I wouldn’t pack it with me “just in case”; it’s far too heavy for that. But then I am certain it would get to be used, as I do like longer lenses. It’s just that those kind of photos tend to take more planning. I’m speaking of course of using them in landscape work; for their more conventional uses with wildlife etc. it’s a different matter altogether, but I don’t do much of that, if at all.

So, back to the photo. As the whole point of the exercise (to me) was to try out the lens and see how it handles, I took a number of shots at 600mm. This particular one was looking down to a rocky inlet as the summer waves broke on the bouldery shoreline. I took this photo handheld, and while I believe I can do better it’s still sharp enough to be printed large. In case you’re interested, this was at a shutter of 1/500 with the image stabiliser turned on.



  1. I have a 50-500mm lens which is also made by Sigma. I am tempted to take it to a place down by Southampton where there is a fabulous wildlife reserve. I’ve captured some great photos there before. Would be great to get some new ones!

    • Ah, nice! I think that’s basically the predecessor lens. Must be great for wildlife photos with all that reach 😃

      • Yes I captured some good photos with it and used it for concert photography at one point. However in low light it is harder to get decent exposures due to its length and at the furthest focal length you lose a lot of stops

      • Yes I noticed that. I was worried I couldn’t auto focus at the longest focal length as aperture drops to f6.3, and my camera is supposed to need f5.6. Outside I had no problems though.

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