Congreve Memorial

Congreve Memorial. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I’m continuing with the series of photos I took earlier this month on a short walk at Ras il-Ħamrija. To keep the walk short (making the photo taking the main objective of this outing) I took the quick way down from Ħaġar Qim Park. Once past Ħaġar Qim temple, on the way down to Mnajdra temple, one takes a sharp left towards the cliff edge. An easy path down the cliff exists that starts just below the Congreve memorial, pictured here. With the skies I was seeing as I drove down past Żurrieq, rather than pushing on towards the sea I thought I’d just stop and take a few photos.

So just before I came to the memorial I put down my backpack, set up the camera with the telephoto lens, and started looking for compositions. Once I was happy, I set up the tripod and took a few shots, as the skies changed, and also with different filter setups. Unusually, to edit I picked the first from the sequence, without any graduated filters. This required more processing work to push the shadows but the end result just looked better.

Now I can’t just stop here without saying a few things about Congreve. The reason the memorial is here is simply that he was the governor of Malta, and was buried at sea in 1927 in the channel between this point and the island of Filfla (in the distance in this photo). All this is engraved on the memorial itself. For a little perspective, the memorial (including the base) is more than twice a person’s height.


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