Climbing in Mosta

Another busy week has gone by, with the new semester starting at work, a new committee elected at the Archery Association, and lots of behind-the-scenes work for the Malta Climbing Club. Meanwhile I also had a serious case of G.A.S. and finally bought myself an ultra-telephoto. Regular readers will probably guess which. Now it’s down to planning some regular photography outings, and figuring out what will have to give to do that. Climbing, most likely, though things will be better as the days get longer.

Anyway, today I’m sharing a couple of photos I took over the Christmas holidays, on a climbing outing with Ken and Nina. One of the good things about being an odd number of climbers is that there is more time to do other things, like photography. With that in mind, on that occasion I took my camera with me, with the 100mm lens, and looked for opportunities. Getting people in the shot is an uncommon thing for me, so I find myself working harder to get what I want. Unusually, I’m also sharing these as a pair, simply because I think it would be silly to write separate posts about them, and I do like them both in their own way. In these photos, Ken is leading an easyish (5c or 6a, can’t really remember) but fun route in Wied il-Għasel, next to the cave with the chapel. It’s a great crag for sunny winter days when the warmth is welcome. Best avoided in summer.


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