Ras il-Ħamrija

Ras il-Ħamrija. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

As promised, today I’m sharing the final and widest composition of the headland at Ras il-Ħamrija. This is pretty much what I had in mind when I visited the place. Again it’s with the 70-200mm telephoto lens, this time at its widest. Whoever thinks that landscape photography is all about wide angle is sorely mistaken. I find that the more often I visit a place, the more I focus on narrower compositions. In a sense the wide compositions, trying to ‘get it all in’ tends to be the obvious/easy choice, so it’s often the first one when visiting somewhere new. With further visits one gets to ‘know’ the place more, so one naturally looks for (and is able to see) the details.

Anyway, in this case it took me a bit of experimentation to find the ideal place to set up the tripod. I also took several exposures as I knew the wave formations would be essentially random, and some would look better than others. In the end, with such a wider scene, the final result also involved some processing magic. I chose to do something I normally avoid, blending two exposures together for the final image. The reason here was simply so I could pick different parts of the scene from different frames, making the most of the wave patterns. The differences are subtle, but enough to make it worth the effort. I used to agonise over these techniques, thinking about them as somehow misrepresenting reality. But then the reality of the scene was very different from what any photo can show, and at best what I can do is to try to represent that reality. In that sense, I think this achieves it, in the best way I can.


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