Kenneth. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I missed my usual Thu/Fri slot for my second blog post, so I’m posting this today rather than skipping it completely. Weather’s been good this week and the days are already noticeably longer. Soon enough we’ll be able to fit in a climbing session after work very easily. It’s been a rather mild winter so far, and while at least we did have some rain (it’s good for the crops, you see, even though it makes for less than ideal climbing conditions), apparently we still haven’t reached the average rainfall for this time of year. So nothing to complain about, really.

Well, today’s photo is unusual in most respects for me. I don’t do portraits much, and I don’t do HDR either. Except this time it was hard to avoid. I was shooting into the sun, and I really wanted to keep a sense of the colours in the sky. So I exposed for that, assuming that I’ll just keep this as a silhouette. But then in processing I realised I could do better than that, and took this as an exercise in shadow recovery. I tried my usual methods, which weren’t any good. Then I experimented with the Nik collection, and to my surprise found that after some tinkering with the dials this worked well. As a basis for further processing of course.

So, you may recognise this as Ken from my earlier post about the multi-pitch in Xaqqa. Ken & I go way back, and it was a pleasant mutual surprise on meeting again late last year to find that both of us were into climbing, starting separately in the UK some years ago. Here’s to many more climbing adventures, old friend!


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