Farm Building and Fields

Farm Building and Fields. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I really wasn’t sure what to share today. Or whether I’d even make it to share anything at all. This weekend I took it a bit easier than usual, cancelling Sunday’s climbing plans in favour of a day in. While R was baking some yummy things I spent the morning catching up on photo editing. I realised I still hadn’t even started on the images from the visit to Crete last November. In the afternoon, after a movie, I (barely) managed to develop the roll of 120 film I recently exposed to test my granddad’s old Isolette. The whole process of winding the film onto the developing spool and passing it through the necessary chemicals always feels like a bit of magic. And reminds me of those chemistry lab sessions in secondary school, the ones I always looked forward to.

Anyway, I digress, as usual. I’ll let those photos sit for a while, and instead I’m sharing the last from the series with the Sigma 150-600mm at Għargħur a few weeks ago. This was at a middling point on the focal length range, still handheld. In post I trimmed the image a tad, just to clean up the edges, otherwise I don’t think I did much. I find telephoto lenses to be tricky to compose with, as the slightest movement makes a significant change to the edges. So I learned to compose not too tightly, to give myself a little room to trim later.

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