Cliffs and Headlands

Cliffs and Headlands (170112)
Cliffs and Headlands. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I’m sharing another photo from the roll of Fuji NPZ 100 I shot on the Agfa Isolette II and cross-processed in Rodinal. I took this during a quiet moment at a climbing session, while my two friends were working on the route I had just sent. It was a rather cloudy day, from what I remember, with a very diffuse horizon. This often happens when the day is warm and there’s a lot of moisture in the air just above the sea. I only had this frame left in the roll, so I was determined to finish the film before heading back to the car. And since most of my earlier photos were taken in more brightly lit conditions I was wondering how the film would behave in flatter light.

I scanned these negatives using the negative holder that came with my Epson Perfection 4990 scanner, in a similar way to what I do for my 35mm negs. However, I’d like to try other techniques, such as laying the negatives flat on the glass as I suspect the scanner isn’t focusing properly at the negative holder’s offset. Or perhaps just get myself some paper and chemicals and set up my enlarger for some old school printing.

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