Sunset Over The Fields

Sunset Over The Fields (5543)
Sunset Over The Fields. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week is another long one at work, so I’m writing while I can. I did manage to find some time to edit a few photos over the past few days, and have started making some headway into the deep pile of photos to process. I’ll be sharing those soon. Meanwhile I decided to start with what is possibly my favourite from last week.

The day after I took the photo in my last post (with my phone) I was back at Għar San Brinkat in Għargħur for another bit of climbing. This time I took my (proper) camera with me. It turned out to be a good thing, as my climbing buddy was held up in traffic for some time, and having my camera with me I could use the time positively. I explored the wild plants and those that were cultivated in the small garden, and looked for landscape extracts with the 100mm lens I had.

Later in the day, I guess during a pause from climbing, I took this, with the evening light over the fields. The white cliff on the left is Monolith Buttress, a popular crag with easy climbs very suitable for beginners. I also have a few macro shots of wild flowers, which I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks.



  1. What a lovely view and I can imagine it is a great time of year now with so many flowers and very nice weather to boot. It is turning out very nicely here in the UK at the moment. Like you, work has been nuts for the past 4 months or so since we were in Malta. However got a period of time next month potentially to take a break from contracting and to focus on our own projects as a small business. Two projects that are closely related…. hey I am starting to write a blog article in your comments!!! Guess I’d better do some blogging!

    • Thanks Nick! Yes this is a great time of year here, lovely weather, warm but not yet hot, and the flowers are out 😃. Glad things are well with you, i also look forward to a break over Easter in the next couple weeks. I look forward to reading about your projects in your next blog post!

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