Tiny Blossoms

Tiny Blossoms (5542)
Tiny Blossoms. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A break in my usual routine today, to share a recent photo on this Easter Sunday. This is from a couple weeks ago in Għargħur on a climbing outing, I think about the time we were packing up. Spring in Malta is something special, with a succession of wild flowers blooming as the season progresses, and birds making the best of a short bountiful time. This year in particular is benefiting from the increased winter rainfall compared to last year.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this image of nature awakening, and with best wishes for those of my friends and readers in the Christian tradition for a blessed Easter. I wish you all l-Għid it-Tajjeb!


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  1. […] a couple photos from the same outing – one of the view from the crag and another of some tiny flowering succulents among the rocks. I decided to share these two together because it would make little sense to split them up – […]

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