Classical Period

Classical Period (5173)
Classical Period. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m looking back at the last couple of weeks with the realisation that things haven’t quite turned out as I was expecting (or hoping). After a particularly busy time at work I started my Easter recess completely depleted, and I still haven’t quite recovered. Still, at least I managed to close off a couple woodworking projects last week and also made some headway into the photo mounting and framing. Climbing took a bit of a hit (something’s gotta give), and unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch up with my archery or photography. Well, mentioning archery – I did a whole session at 70m last week, with a respectable (for me) 89/120 on the Olympic round. It was only my second time shooting at this distance, so please be kind.

On the other hand, I did catch up a bit on photo editing, which was nice. I’ve also decided it’s high time to share some photos from my work visit to Heraklion last year. It was a busy few days there, but I did manage to squeeze in visits to the (recently renovated) Archaeological Museum and to the site at Knossos. Today I’m sharing a photo from the sculpture gallery in the Museum, with Persephone and Hades (and of course Cerberus) taking centre stage. This museum is well worth a visit, particularly for its collection of Minoan artifacts (more on these eventually). Off season, the Greco-Roman gallery is closed but the tickets are also slashed to half-price, which basically makes it a steal.


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