Backlit Blossoms

Today I’m sharing a duo of photos from a fairly recent session in Għargħur. I’ve been trying to habitually take my camera with me when going for a climbing session – in a sense in the same way as I used to take my camera with when out for a walk. The main difference is that when walking I used to kit out with a couple lenses, tripod, and filters, as I would need little else other than a rain jacket, flashlight, and water. Given how much space and weight my climbing gear requires, though, I’m a bit more minimalist here. It’s usually just the body and a single lens, and I tend to pick the 100mm macro more often than not.

In this particular case, my climbing partner was caught up in traffic on the way down, so I had more time than usual to dedicate to photography. I already shared a couple photos from the same outing – one of the view from the crag and another of some tiny flowering succulents among the rocks. I decided to share these two together because it would make little sense to split them up – they’re both slightly different views of the same plant (that I can’t identify). Each photo has a distinct character, and I like them both.


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